Rules and Regulations of the School

  • The student’s behavior and attitude, while at the school, should respect school culture and enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the school.
  • Students should maintain an atmosphere encouraging mutual respect, civil and congenial relationships and free from all forms of harassment and violence, where everyone can discuss their differences and exchange ideas openly, honestly and respectfully.
  • Students should use respectful language with each other. Any bullying, negative gossiping, spreading of rumors may result to expulsion from the course.
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, meat, fish, eggs are NOT allowed while staying at the school.
  • Students should not make public displays of affection. Public nudity is forbidden. Celibacy as part of the spiritual discipline is encouraged while staying at the school. Modest dress (shoulders, midriff and legs covered).
  • If you are going outside kindly inform office staff of the school and come back before 9 PM at the school
  • If you are having a fast any day or going out, you have to inform manager for avoiding food waste.
  • Use of electronic gadgets like mobile phones / tablets etc. is not allowed during the classes
  • Use of heavy electrical items like iron, water cooker etc is not allowed in the rooms due to electricity overload problem.
  • Photography, video, audio recording is not allowed during the classes without prior permission of the management.

Terms & Conditions of the training program

  • Students are responsible for their own medical and health care. They should carry their own medicines if necessary. Very limited medical care is available at the ashram and it can be provided only in case of emergency.
  • SYPAS School cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries or thefts during the course.
  • All fees are payable on arrival before the course starts or the given due date, in case of nonpayment in time the registration may be cancelled and the deposit may be forfeited.
  • We have standard non refundable fees . Once the registration is made it is not possible to change from one fee structure to another.
  • In case the course is rescheduled or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, SYPAS school liability is limited to the refund of deposited fees only.
  • SYPAS reserves the right to use any pictures / videos taken during the course and activities for its records and promotional purposes.
  • Even in possession of the student the copyright for the SYPAS Yoga teacher training manual and content stays with SYPAS and is forbidden to share / distribute it.
  • Certificate will be awarded after completing course.
  • SYPAS is not responsible if the school environment or the course does not meet personal expectations of the student. We only assure you what is mentioned on the website.
  • If you have any doubts regarding your physical or mental fitness and health please check with us in a prior to submitting your application through a separate email. By receiving your application we assume that you are physically and mentally fit and stable and not pregnant.
  • All disputes are subject to the law of the India and will be decided only at Head Office, Kunda, Pratapgarh, U.P. , India.

Registration and Fees Refund Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total fees.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 60 days before the Course start date
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
  • If student leave the course due to some personal reason within 3 days after the course start then 50% fees will be refund to student.
  • If student leave the course due to some personal reason after 3 days then no refund can be claimed, but student can join in the next training program within two years.(10% of the total fees is required for administration charge)
  • If a student is expelled from the course due to non observance of school rules/ regulations then no refund can be claimed.
  • In case of cancellation or rescheduling of the course by the SYPAS, students have the choice to transfer to another course or to receive a full refund of the paid fees. Our liability is limited to the refund of the received fees only.

Data Privacy Policy

  • This form collects your data for administration of your registration.
  • This data is used to ensure full and detailed registration for your stay at the Ashram to provide the correct requirements for your interaction and/or stay at our accommodation and courses.
  • This data is secured and only handled by school administrators.
  • The application data and email records are removed after two years.
  • After this time we keep basic name and email data for administration and graduate records only.
  • You have full rights to have any or all of your data completely purged or changed at any time.
  • Your data will not be sold or exchanged for marketing goals.
  • After sending us mail, we will send you emails only concerning information about your course or relevant to you personally.


Agreement (R)

The information an applicant provides on this form is treated as confidential and will only be seen by those teachers and staff involved with the Teacher Training Course.

“By submitting this application and typing my full  name below I affirm the statements below:-

  1. I affirm that the information provided on this application form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. False, incomplete, or misleading information is grounds for rejection of this application, expulsion from the program, or revocation of certification after completion of the program.
  2. I confirm that I am in appropriate mental and physical health to be able to follow the course.
  3. I confirm that I have read and agreed on the Rules & Regulations, Refund policy, terms & conditions of SYPAS.
  4. I understand that non-observance of school rules can result in expulsion from the program.

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