By: Roshan Pathak, Delhi

My Exploration with Yoga

My exploration and journey with yoga started when I joined a new school in class 11th. Before that, I was a child unwilling to go to school who slowly got into the trap of depression on seeing his zestful classmates being proactive in answering questions asked in class while I still struggled to figure out what was being taught. I often failed to do the classwork within time while others had already completed; that used to make me feel dejected and I used to come home with a dull face and crying out loud that I was good for nothing. Though not good in academics, I was up to the mark in my extra-curricular activities.

But since the time I joined the new school and encountered with Mrs. Rama, my yoga teacher, things started to take a positive turn. I still remember my friend at the new school, Kamal, with whom I am in touch till date. He was the first one to push me to yoga room. He has been practicing yoga since he was in class 6th and asked me also to join the yoga classes in our school.

Time of change

From that day onwards, I started practicing meditation every morning for two to three minutes followed by some asanas under the guidance of Mrs. Rama. With time, I noticed that my mind became calmer in the process and that progress reflected in my grade card and especially in my behaviour. I started observing myself, corrected my mistakes on my own which helped me in the development of my personality step-by-step. The best part in the whole process was that it was raising my confidence level with each passing day. I even started participating in yoga competitions and reached at the state level and also started getting better results in academics, participating in quiz competitions, anchoring, and hosting events as well.

But like every other individual, I too started losing my momentum when I had stopped practicing yoga during the days when I was in class 12th, which eventually stalled my progress. Stress levels were high and hardly two months were left for my board exam. It was then when I decided to restart practicing yoga including yogasana, pranayama and dhyana. It helped me a lot to overcome from the fear of exam. Yoga enabled me to handle situations wisely, to think in a cool manner, and also develop patience. Later on I scored very well in 12th boards and ranked 3rd in my school. I successfully made into Delhi University. During my graduation, I earned many achievements and participated in every other activity. However, during my final year I deviated a little but whenever I lost track, I just sat to meditate to ch

ange my mood.

From Political Science to Yogic Science

After completing my graduation in Political Science (Hons), I associated myself totally with Yogic Science and went ahead for one-year diploma course in Yoga Education from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Afterwards, I did a six-month certificate course in Yogasana and Pranayama & Meditation from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (Ministry of Ayush) and then I also did a short certification in Yog Sadhana from Delhi University.

Later on I worked with Airports Authority of India, New Sun Shine Public School, New Delhi, provided home yoga sessions for continuously two years and also organisedyog workshops in many cities across India. I can confidently say that yoga has changed my personality and behaviour completely. It has helped me calm my mind and helped me to handle fear and anxiety. Yoga has also introduced me to wonderful people and friends across different age groups; some of them are doctors, thinkers, teachers and yogsadhaks. Yoga introduced me to spiritual life. It also made me physically and mentally stronger. Yoga gave me energy whenever I needed it.

Currently, I am pursuing my final year in Yogic Science from Uttarakhand Open University and working as a Yoga teacher in Smt. LeelawantiSaraswatiShishu Mandir School, Tagore Garden, spreading yogic culture and education within school. I follow the core message which Lord Krishna had conveyed to Arjuna while explaining Karma Yoga in Bhagvad Gita (Yoga KarmashuKaushala). The message means to give complete focus and dedication to action without any attachment to the ensuing results in the key to living a fulfilling life as a true Karma Yogi. I feel that I am always full of positivity and take no stress.

In the end, I would like to conclude that it was yoga which has literally helped me in crossing the hurdles in my way and played very important role in the achievements I made till now, and more that is yet to be made in future. I am looking forward to develop my interest in therapeutic and philosophical aspect of yoga.


Note: This Article is from  “Article Writing Contest on Yog, An  online event organized by Shriram Yog Society, kunda pbh, UP, and rishikesh, UK, INDIA”

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