Control and Refinement of HORMONAL SECRETION by YOGA

If you adopt the principle of “simple living and high thinking” you would soon start attaining rapid progress in life. Simplicity of life-style will automatically eliminate your sense of scarcity. This together with the positive and constructive transformation of your thinking and feelings will enable you to make constructive use of whatever resources you have.

-Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya


The human body is the most evolved and marvelous creation of nature. Every component  – from organs to nerves, muscles, tissues, cells, molecules, and subtler functional units of this living system reflects the limitless excellence and absolute perfection of the Omnipotent eternal creator.

The neurotransmitters – hormones secreted at the synaptic connection between the neurons make possible the communication between the neurons and the information processing between the brain and the nervous system.

A major class of hormones including encephalin and other endorphin hormones are found in those regions of the brain and the core of the spinal column, which are connected with the centers that transmit the neuronal signals associated with the feeling of pain, sorrow, happiness.

The treatment of the disorder or abnormalities in hormonal secretions would be most effective if it is focused at refining intrinsic tendencies of the unconscious mind that indirectly regulates the emotions, faiths, and aspirations and consequent neuro hormonal activities.

The ancient Indian approach of yoga is holistic and considers the physical as well as the subtle aspects of the mind-body system. Control and refinement of the hormonal secretion is, therefore, possible through the methods of ancient Indian science of YOGA  and Spirituality.

The yoga practices of asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, and dhyana offer slow, but viably effective, control, and regulation of hormonal secretion. These may be learned in any authentic short-term “yoga” training course under expert guidance. Some of the meditations especially suited for soothing activation of the endocrine glands and for prevention of hormonal imbalance are very simple; every adult person could easily practice these for at least 15 minutes every day.



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