Shriram Yog Society

Established with the thoughts, inspiration and blessings of the most revered Gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Vandaniya Mata Ji

Shriram Yog Prashikshan Evam Anusandhan Society (SYPAS), also known as Shriram Yog Training & Research Society, is a non-profit organization registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860. Founded in 2016, the society is deeply committed to the promotion of Yogic Wisdom and Vedic Culture for the comprehensive development of individuals and society at large. In addition, this organization is accredited by Yoga Alliance (USA) as a Registered Yoga School (RYS), which designates its teacher training program as one that adheres to Yoga Alliance’s high standards.

Mission & Vision

  • The mission and vision of the Shriram Yog Society center around the unwavering dedication to propagate and disseminate the profound insights of Param Pujya Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya & Vandaniya Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma pertaining to Yoga, Yagya, Ayurveda, and lifestyle, all with the ultimate aim of fostering the comprehensive growth of individuals.

Aims & Objectives

      1. Promoting Ancient Yogic Techniques for Holistic Wellness: Our primary mission is to promote the timeless wisdom of ancient yogic techniques, fostering the holistic health and well-being of individuals. Through these practices, we empower individuals to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

      2. Guidance for Teaching and Research: We are dedicated to providing expert guidance for those interested in pursuing teaching and research in the field of yoga. Our aim is to support the growth of knowledge and expertise in yoga, ensuring its principles are shared with authenticity and precision.

      3. Creating a Global Learning Community: We strive to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where participants from diverse backgrounds and corners of the world converge with a shared goal. This global community fosters cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, enhancing the practice and study of yoga.

      4. Producing Exceptional Yoga Instructors: Through our Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC), we are committed to producing the finest yoga instructors for our society. Our programs equip aspiring teachers with the necessary skills and wisdom to guide others on their yoga journey, enriching communities with the benefits of yoga practice.

      5. Preservation of Tradition: We are committed to preserving the traditional practices and teachings of Yagya and Ayurveda. Our objective is to maintain the authenticity and integrity of these ancient sciences while adapting them to contemporary needs.

      1. Ongoing Projects by Shriram Yoga Society to Meet Objectives:

        1. Yoga and Health Awareness Camps: Our society conducts Yoga and Health Awareness Camps at various educational levels, including schools, colleges, and universities. These camps serve the objective of promoting holistic health and well-being among students and educators. By providing practical knowledge and hands-on experience, we empower individuals to integrate yoga into their daily lives for improved health and stress management.

        2. International Conferences on Yoga, Yagya, and Ayurveda: We annually organize international conferences dedicated to Yoga, Yagya, and Ayurveda. These conferences align with our objective to provide a research platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners. By bringing experts and enthusiasts together, we facilitate the exchange of ideas, discoveries, and innovations in these ancient sciences, furthering our mission of advancing knowledge and practice.

        3. International Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program: Our International Yoga Teacher Training Certification program aligns with the objective of spreading authentic yoga teachings. By training and certifying yoga instructors, we ensure the availability of qualified professionals to teach yoga worldwide. This program plays a pivotal role in achieving our goal of promoting the practice and teaching of yoga.

        4. Yoga, Yagya, Ayurveda, and Lifestyle Competitions and Championships: To encourage active participation and excellence in these ancient disciplines, we organize competitions and championships. These events contribute to our objective of fostering a sense of achievement and growth among practitioners. By recognizing and rewarding talent and dedication, we motivate individuals to excel in yoga, yagya, ayurveda, and holistic living.

        5. Support for Students in Research Projects and Education: As part of our commitment to education, we assist students by providing support for research projects, school fees, and dissertations. This initiative is aligned with our objective of promoting education for all. By offering financial and educational support, we empower students to pursue their academic goals, contribute to research, and access quality education.

        Through these ongoing projects, Shriram Yoga Society actively works to achieve its objectives, which include promoting holistic health, advancing research, training yoga instructors, fostering excellence, and supporting education for students.



Registered Address:
Shriram Yog Prashikshan Evam Anusandhan Society
Kunda, Pratapgarh
Uttar Pradesh (U.P.), India

Training Location Rishikesh:
Rishikesh Sadan, Lakshman Jhula,
Uttarakhand, India


Training Location Haridwar:

Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya,
Uttarakhand, India

Contact Information:
Phone: +91-8126188949



  • 5 days retreat program

Reasons To Join Shriram Yog School

Internationally Recognized Teacher from university

All the faculty member of yoga teacher training program are internationally recognized and experienced.

Scientific Explanation

We teach and explain yoga concepts in scientific manner.

Friendly Staff

All the staff members are very friendly in nature and always ready for help & support.

Discussion with enlighten yogi

You will get a change to interact with enlighten people a great yogi who live and follow yogic life style.

Best Location for Yoga Practice

Yoga Teacher Training Program location is the best place for the practice of yoga.

Never Ending Support

Once you join the program you become the yoga family member and you get never ending support at any time

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